A spiritual successor to Painful’s “Sudden Organ” (you can find that particular chestnut at no. 10. Album: President Yo La Tengo (1989) And it's awesome. There’s a hint of Suicide’s minimal dread in that organ tone, along with the psychedelic paranoia of Oneida. Album: Fade (2013) “I Heard You Looking” Album: Painful (1993) After a few fine but faceless college-rock albums … Yo La Tengo I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997) 9/10 First half of this album is the best they've ever recorded. "[7] Robert Christgau named it the second best album of 2015 in his ballot for The Village Voice's annual Pazz & Jop critics poll. The original album version is a big, anthemic rock song, something you blast from your car with the windows down or pump your fists along to at a concert. It has its dull moments. There’s a Riot Going On is a good one, but so far none of its songs have bumped off any of my absolute favorites. It’s not like it celebrates drugs, though when Kaplan sings “I wish I was high,” he’s depressed, nerdy and resigned, interested less in feeling good than in not feeling bad anymore. Album: Fade (2013) Album: I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006) 9/10 Its tone and production resembles Summer Sun, but with more of a spark to it—instead of feeling overproduced and relatively listless, as that album did, it’s endearingly and quizzically shaggy, proudly wearing its improvisational inspiration on its sleeve. There’s not a lot of common ground between the two songs on Electr-O-Pura subtitled “Hot Chicken.” Whereas “Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)” is a pulsing rock dirge with bursts of noise, “Don’t Say a Word” is an aching love song with almost wordless vocals from Hubley and no percussion. Yo La Tengo is at its best when the amps are turned down and the songs occupy quieter territory. The acoustic version on the Camp Yo La Tengo EP is just as catchy but gorgeously delicate, with one of the best vocal takes of Hubley’s career. The bad vibes are heavy on this 1993 single, which features a doom-laden, wayward riff from overdriven bass and guitar, occasional backward guitar flourishes, a drum beat that seems to be building to nothing in particular, and an out-of-nowhere outro that ends as abruptly as it starts. And they do it all with the same level of proficiency, confidence and humility. 1. Yo La Tengo turned 30 this year and just released a double-sized reissue of their 1993 album Painful. It sounds amazing! Yo La Tengo. By Jamie Milton. Stuff Like That There is the fourteenth full-length album by American indie rock band Yo La Tengo, released in August 2015 by record label Matador. Sadly One Direction’s song of the same name isn’t a cover. This year marks Yo La Tengo’s 30th anniversary, and they’re celebrating it by reissuing their sixth album, Painful, released nearly a decade into … Yo La Tengo Electr-o-Pura (1995) 8/10 (almost 9) The noisy one, but not that much. Electr-O-Pura is the seventh studio album by American indie rock band Yo La Tengo, released on May 2, 1995 by record label Matador. It’s less of a song than a blurry, indistinct impression of a song, but it’s something I could listen to dozens of times in a row. Album: Today Is the Day EP (2003) Georgia considers the two blue ones (Thursday) 5. About halfway through its seven or so minutes, Kaplan unleashes another one of his splattering guitar solos, and although it’s no less unhinged that what you expect from him, it stays fully alongside the song’s deliberate groove, which makes it notably slower than his typical skull-bursting solos. News. Yo La Tengo are back with a new EP titled Sleepless Night, which follows their instrumental collection that dropped a few weeks ago. Rolling Stone's Most Recent Stories. Electr-O-Pura is my favorite. And at a time when the full-album experience is giving way to the almighty playlist, Stuff Like That There handily reasserts Yo La Tengo's reputation as indie rock’s consummate curators. So frequently compared to the Velvet Underground that … They don’t have a lot of songs that do both, and the best one in that small subset is this song from Electr-O-Pura. Updated 1y ago. Comments. This early song is a catchy folk tune with pop hooks (think brushed drums and an acoustic guitar playing an ascending three-note major chord riff) and Dylan-esque vocals from Kaplan. So, as completely wonderful as this record is, it's an accurate representation of one side of Yo La Tengo, and assuming that everything sounds like Fakebook might be disappointing. News. And it's awesome. The band, Yo La Tengo offers this site with news, photos, audio samples and merchandise. [2], At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, Stuff Like That There received an average score of 74, based on 28 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Yo La Tengo. 100 Best Albums of the ’90s From Moby to Nirvana, the records that defined a decade. Genres. Album: I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997) Album: Popular Songs (2009) 8/10 (almost 9) The noisy one, but not that much. The first few times you hear it you may not even register it as a pop song, but it’s a brilliantly fractured take on the kind of restrained, earnest, fundamentally mature-sounding love song that Yo La Tengo have explored many times. It turns the modest aspirations of the lyrics, with the band predicting a big day ahead while taking it slow and playing Rolling Stones covers, into an aching ode to making music for the love of making music. These aren’t complaints, though, as it’s a classic rocker and a winning stylistic exercise. It’s catchy in a classical sense, like something Jackson Browne could’ve written, and it has a bit of edge with the drug references, but it never would’ve gotten played on regular rock stations when it came out. This release is the 25th anniversary reissue of Yo La Tengo’s 1995 album. 1997’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One is a long-standing favorite among many fans. By. With well over 30 years, and with 15 albums, countless singles, compilations, collaborations, soundtracks, and … Whats the best Yo La Tengo album? With the release of the band’s 15th album, There’s a Riot Going On, last week, the time was right to reappraise the trio’s discography and see what 20 songs would make it onto such a list in 2018. Second half is still very good, only not as much and a bit inconsistent. “Cornelia and Jane” is a showcase for her heart-breaking voice, which is Yo La Tengo’s greatest instrument. It's not perfect. Yo La Tengo made a major creative leap forward with 1992's May I Sing with Me, where their yin-and-yang mix of quiet and loud finally began to work as well as it was meant to, but 1993's Painful was where they truly hit their stride, their first album to confirm they were one of the best independent bands extant. As with “Big Day Coming,” the Yo La Tengo have released multiple versions of “Tom Courtenay,” one of their most popular songs. You know those songs that sound so sad that they pretty much always make you sad, but are so beautiful and moving that you still can’t stop listening to them? And then 2003’s Summer Sun halted that momentum with a listless set of meandering songs. New Releases. The album received very positive reviews from music critics. The latest album released by Yo La Tengo is We Have Amnesia Sometimes. Related Blog Posts. Separating Interpol’s best two records is a bit like choosing between identical twins. Dusdin Condren "It was a wholly hermetic experience," McNew says of making the album. There's a riot going on. Album: Fade (2013) But we’re talking about one song here, not the whole album, and “Detouring America With Horns,” the first song on the record, didn’t necessarily let the listener know what was in store for them. Shakers, handclaps and Hubley’s mechanical drumming keep the ship afloat and rhythmically enriched. Yo La Tengo’s second EP in recent months finds them resuming their covers jukebox niche, weaving together selections as unlikely as a 1940s blues oddity and as recognizable as a Bob Dylan classic. 98. I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006) (“The Room Got Heavy” sounds so much like an Oneida song that that band eventually covered it.). Sleepless is another record with five covers and one original track. It's easy to lose contact with the ground, flying through endless banks of storm clouds day after day. It’s an ambient delight. Best Albums. At first glance, Yo La Tengo’s career feels completely daunting to dive into. The lineup includes Georgia Hubley on drums, Ira Kaplan on guitar and vocals, and Gene Holder on bass guitar (except tracks 4 and 6, recorded live with Stephan Wichnewski on bass).. I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One 1997. yo la tengo: best to worst. The typical Kaplan guitar solo takes the sort of guitar lines you’d expect from a traditional pop song and turns them into free-jazz skronk. Biography Yo La Tengo started out as an acoustic, country-rock styled outfit, centered around Georgia Hubley (drums and vocals) and Ira Kaplan (vocals and guitar), both bandmates and lovers. "Here to Fall" (Popular Songs, 2009) On "Here to Fall", Yo La Tengo explores classic soul and … Album: I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997) There’s nothing flashy here but it’s one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard. Upside-Down (One More Time) (The remix of Upside-Down has Georgia singing the bridge, some new guitar parts, and a sample from "Ballroom Blitz.") Read: If There’s Really a Riot Going On, Yo La Tengo Aren’t Saying What It Is. Yo La Tengo: Sleepless Night. Yo La Tengo; Yo La Tengo … A list by YungNoodle. Yo La Tengo’s take, recorded in 2011, is more aligned with the song’s downbeat blues origin. Hubley’s steady beat keeps the whole thing together. Yo La Tengo collaborated with Jad Fair on the album Strange But True (Matador, 1999). In a way this is almost like its own small, self-contained mission statement for Yo La Tengo’s entire career. This McNew-sung number bears a sonic similarity to Pet Sounds. It basically just took them a while to find their voice and start sounding like Yo La Tengo - the early albums are fairly generic 80s indie pop/rock. “Sugarcube” might be the band’s most perfectly crafted pop song. It’s significantly better than any 12-minute song about rock clubs misspelling a band’s name should probably be. Yo La Tengo, a marzo il nuovo album: condivisi quattro estratti [Listen] 08/06/2015 Yo La Tengo: nuovo disco e date in Italia 30/09/2013 Gli Yo La Tengo annunciano "Fade" in versione deluxe 29/10/2012 Yo La Tengo, unica data italiana a marzo 2013. Album: Painful (1993) Georgia thinks it's probably okay (Tuesday) 3. Lists. Album: Electr-O-Pura (1995) Painful defined Yo La Tengo in a way no previous album had, but it was on the next album, Electr-O-Pura, that they started to explore in earnest what they were capable of. There's a Riot Going On is, in its own subtle way, Yo La Tengo at their most uncompromised; it's an album that's likely to separate their most hardcore fans from more casual admirers, though if you loved "Night Falls on Hoboken" from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, you'll likely savor it. Rolling Stone Rolling Stone Reporter. 4: 4. It’s one of those pop songs that sounds effortless. There are also some games, animations and drawings by Jad Fair and others. Discover. Album: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (2000) So here’s what Paste decided to do. To coincide with the release of Yo La Tengo's 13th LP Fade this week, Sound Affects compiles the essential tracks by the unlikely last band standing from indie rock's '90s golden era. Instead of reconstructing my top 20 list, I’ve expanded it to a top 40, spanning the entirety of Yo La Tengo’s 30-plus-year career. Best Albums. The stylish post-punks' five albums, from worst to best. Jan 18, 2018. Album: I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997) Yo La Tengo burst back after 2003’s middling Summer Sun with one of their most powerful jams ever. From the album, ‘There’s a Riot Going On’ on Matador Records. Recommending Fakebook as the best place to begin a relationship with Yo La Tengo is slightly disingenuous, mainly because Yo La Tengo has never made another record like it, and perhaps never will. Album: I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006) Even the guitar solo, which is basically just an unruly clatter fed through who knows how many effects pedals, is tasteful. (The) Farmer's Daughter (Beach Boys cover) 3. Best New Album. Ride The Tiger (1986): Ride The Tiger is a genial and enjoyable jangle-pop album of the sort that was in no short supply in 1986, but is mostly notable as a … Find Yo La Tengo discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. 74. Record: Shaker single (1993) (For accuracy’s sake it could’ve been called “one man’s 20 favorite Yo La Tengo songs,” but that wouldn’t work as well on Google.) 74. Fade is vintage Yo La Tengo, but somehow gorgeously grown-up, with moments which your head will tell you sound normal, as if you have heard them before, but which make the rest of you feel contemplative and still. Album: Painful (1993) Album: Electr-O-Pura (1995) “Blue Line Swinger” nearly sums up a 30+ year career in just under 10 minutes, starting off fragile and indecisive before growing into a committed roar, with the band’s full complement of tricks—Hubley’s beautifully flat vocals, a freak-out solo, organ drones, “baa baa baas”—supporting a timeless riff. At the moment “For You Too” has made the best impression; sure, it’s the closest to a conventional pop song on the record, but like “Little Eyes,” it brings a sense of structure and motion to a record that otherwise threatens to drift away. The discography of Yo La Tengo, an indie rock band based in Hoboken, New Jersey, consists of fifteen studio albums, six compilation albums, fifteen extended plays, twenty two singles, two film score albums, four collaborative albums, and one album of cover songs. © 2020 Paste Media Group. 2. Recording. But what makes it great is Hubley’s background vocals. Album Stream: Yo La Tengo, 'Stuff Like That There' Aug 20, 2015. Out Of Control (Channel 3) 4. President Yo La Tengo was recorded at Waterhouse studio, except for tracks 4 and 6, recorded at CBGB.. It’s a wordless journey as cathartic as any song with vocals, and has both the loose charm of improvisation and the smartly designed structure of a pop song. The first song on the record, which fans call the “slow Big Day Coming,” is a long, hypnotic lullaby built around a circular organ melody, Kaplan’s whispered vocals and tasteful guitar feedback. Lists. They’re about as likely to play a three-minute pop gem as they are a forlorn folk song, a 10-minute one-note drone, a cover of a classic hit from the ‘70s, or a crazed, 20-minute noise jam. She can devastate without overemoting and while barely budging off a note. It's not perfect. James gets up and watches mourning birds with Abraham (Wednesday) 4. It’s sleek, from Kaplan’s jet-stream guitars to the almost spoken harmonies to the basic song structure. 1. It’s a jaunty little number built around multiple organ lines, a dance beat and unusually upbeat vocals from Hubley. Unlike “Big Day Coming,” it’s a toss-up as to which one’s better. Okay, maybe I’m biased toward the epics and blow-outs. Rolling Stone's Most Recent Stories. There's a Riot Goin' On is the fifth studio album by American funk and psychedelic soul band Sly and the Family Stone.It was recorded from 1970 to 1971 at Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, California and released later that year on November 20 by Epic Records.The album's recording was dominated by band frontman Sly Stone during a period of drug use and intra-group tension. Yo La Tengo kept getting better throughout the 1990s. ... Yo La Tengo. New Releases. Rolling Stone Rolling Stone Reporter. Ole 856-2; CD). On the Fade album closer, stuttering percussion, guitar washes and tasteful horns gently blur together with Hubley and Kaplan’s understated vocals into a minor triumph. Explore releases from Yo La Tengo at Discogs. “Barnaby, Hardly Working” is a beautiful droning pop song and the best original the band recorded in the 1980s. Yo La Tengo (with Dave Schramm) in 2015, promoting the album "Stuff Like That There." The series of albums between 1993’s Painful and 2000’s And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out is almost flawless and saw Yo La Tengo grow and challenge themselves in surprising ways. It starts with Hubley’s soft voice on “Decora” floating atop a wash of guitar that has enough distortion and tremolo on it to pass for something off My BLoody Valentine’s Loveless. Yo La Tengo (often abbreviated as YLT) is an American indie rock band formed in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1984. Kaplan and Hubley sing the low-key “The Summer” together, but it’s her voice that sticks with me—a simple, pure, honest voice that makes this acoustic gem one of their most touching songs, even if the lyrics are a bit inscrutable. You don't need me, or Yo La Tengo, to tell you that. Album: Electr-O-Pura (1995) Each version strongly evokes different emotions, even though the lyrics, about a fictional movie starring Tom Courtney and Julie Christie, avoid any sort of emotional reflection. “Tom Courtenay” / “Tom Courtenay (Acoustic)”. Yo La Tengo; I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass. 28th June 2017. 2009’s “More Stars Than There Are in Heaven” might have the strongest such influence, and more than anything else in the band’s repertoire sounds like something that could be on a My Bloody Valentine album. Stylistically similar to the No. Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop. I don’t know if “Drug Test” was a college radio hit in 1989 but it should’ve been. ... Revolver's 25 Best Albums of 2020. pitchfork.com. I hope people in 2018 know who Tortoise are. And if you’re somehow wondering who these Yo La Tengo cats are in the first place, well, they’re a rock band—a really good rock band. Album: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (2000) And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out can seem like a downer at first—other than “Teenage Riot” sound-alike “Cherry Chapstick,” it’s an album full of quiet, understated, bittersweet love songs. Perfect time to look at their 20 best songs. It aims for icy cool but it can’t hide the band’s fundamental warmth. Comments. On an album heavy with drum machines and a watery, gurgling sound that floods out every track, “Little Eyes” is almost a straight-up rocker, with live drums and a chugging bass cutting through the glacial sheen of Kaplan’s guitar shimmer. “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind”, 3. Genres. "[4] In his review for The Guardian, Ben Thompson asked whether another Yo La Tengo covers record was really needed and concluded that "[t]he answer to that question appears to be yes. Kaplan and Hubley have a great knack for writing love songs that are tender and poignant but never schmaltzy. Built around Hubley’s serene vocals and a stately organ line, “Nowhere Near” is an assured and matter-of-fact love song for adults. ... Revolver's 25 Best Albums of 2020. pitchfork.com. 24 below), “False Alarm” is another rhythm-heavy, overdriven organ jam, with Kaplan pounding out the indie-rock equivalent of Cecil Taylor’s nontraditional piano chords over Hubley and McNew’s steady rhythms. Get Yo La Tengo setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Yo La Tengo fans for free on setlist.fm! Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Yo La Tengo at the Discogs Marketplace. Album: Electr-O-Pura (1995) by: Mark Richardson; September 11 2006. It’s maybe the earliest of Yo La Tengo’s shoegazery attempts, a good year or so after that fad had died in England, and maybe that’s why it’s a bit chillier than the rest of Painful. Like most of And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, this song avoids the noise and distortion and focuses on ethereal organ and acoustic guitar strums, underpinned with brushed drums and McNew’s bass melodies, as Kaplan sings about the early days of his relationship with Hubley. Sign in to comment. There are also some games, animations and drawings by Jad Fair and others. 12. It sounds a bit like the somber, ghostly folk music of Jackson C. Frank, but with some muted organ drones and high bass notes keeping it aloft. Yo La Tengo are in many respects the quintessential critics' band: in addition to their adventurous eclecticism, defiant independence, and restless creative ambition -- three qualities that virtually guarantee music press acclaim -- the group's frontman, Ira Kaplan, even tenured as a rock scribe prior to finding success as a performer. 98. It’s a slice of bubblegum drenched in noise, from Kaplan’s feedback heavy guitars to the thick organ drone that fills in for the bass. Sign in to comment. The best of them is “Little Eyes,” one of the few songs to break through the bland uniformity of the record’s production. McNew, who has released a few albums of tender four-track pop under the name Dump, first took lead on a Yo La Tengo album with “Stockholm Syndrome.” The concert favorite is a warm and tightly written look at romantic confusion, sung with McNew’s Neil Young-ish high-pitched sigh of a voice. Live Report. In “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind” an almost funky four-note bassline plods along with no variation as torrents of noise from Kaplan’s guitar flood over everything. And yeah, go ahead and listen along, if you’d like; I did while I was writing this. Released in 1993, Painful marked a turning point in Yo La Tengo ’s progression – the addition of producer Roger Moutenot and significant presence of bassist James McNew resulted in a more atmospheric and shoegaze record than previous releases. No one has said anything yet. Yo La Tengo Announce New Album 'There’s a Riot Going On,' Share 4 New Songs: Listen. This album was released 07/17/2020. The droning first song on Fade piles three-way harmonies, assorted guitar crust and pop song doot-doot-doots over a one-chord chugger driven by Hubley’s simple beat. Album: Painful (1993) Popular Songs, an Album by Yo La Tengo. Actor and Musician Adam Goldberg on Loving Loops and the Merits of Musical Monotony Album: President Yo La Tengo (1989) Occasionally Kaplan hits a discordant note, or lets out a guitar squeal, or otherwise adds an unexpected bit of emphasis to what he’s playing. Lo and behold, Yo La Tengo have joined Bandcamp.Or, at least one that’s being managed by their label Matador Records. Discover. Released 8 September 2009 on Matador (catalog no. Album: May I Sing With Me (1992) May I Sing With Me is a transitional record in the band’s discography. 15/05/2018 - C'è una rivolta in corso (Fabrique) Featured peformers: Georgia Hubley (performer, writer, composer), Ira Kaplan (performer, writer, composer), James McNew (performer, writer, composer), Doug Wieselman (clarinet), Richard Evans (string arrangements), David Angell … So, as completely wonderful as this record is, it's an accurate representation of one side of Yo La Tengo, and assuming that everything sounds like Fakebook might be disappointing. One of the album’s better efforts was rescued in an EP later that year and given a rollicking rock ’n’ roll treatment in the vein of “Sugarcube” and the original “Tom Courtenay.” The contrast between Hubley’s voice and the buzz of Kaplan’s guitar somehow makes this song both aching and anthemic at the same time. 1 song on our list, “The Story of Yo La Tango” was released more than a decade later, and over 20 years into the band’s career. Electr-O-Pura is my favorite. Gli Yo La Tengo, nome talvolta abbreviato in YLT, sono un gruppo alternative rock statunitense, formatosi a Hoboken (New Jersey) nel 1984.. Nonostante un limitato successo commerciale, sono considerati come uno dei gruppi più importanti e di culto della scena alternative rock americana raccogliendo spesso, nel corso della loro lunga carriera, l'unanime plauso della critica. Album: Electr-O-Pura (1995) Here’s one of them. 1. This hauntingly beautiful bummer of a song could be a lost country classic exhumed by these noted historians of pop music, but it’s just another Yo La Tengo original aimed to break your heart with Hubley’s pristine voice.
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