Also, we celebrate her power, courage, victory, determination, focus, fondness, strength, and resolve. The first nine days are celebrated as Maha Navratri(Devnagari: नवरात्रि, ‘nine nights’) or Sharada Navratri (the most important Navratri) and culminates on the tenth day as Dussehra. We celebrate this festival with Ramlila where the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, are burnt. So, if you want to forget the daily hassles, get ready to celebrate the Navratri with lots of energy and enthusiasm. ‘Nav’ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means night. So, let’s dive into the article and collect all the answers to your questions regarding the Vijaya Dashami festival 2020. Yet the focus on meditation must be sharper at this time of the year. I hope this article has provided you with different reasons why Navratri is celebrated. Related posts: Short Essay on Dussehra Short essay on Durga Puja Essay on Festivals in Orissa When and why is Karva Chauth celebrated? The festivity of Sharada Navratri or Maha Navratri occurs in the Hindu month of Ashvin in the honor of Divine deity Durga and her nine manifestations. With the eternal light of Diya on Nine days of Navratri, we celebrate women. In this part of the country, Navratri is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. ADVERTISEMENTS: Navratri festival is the joyous way of worshipping Goddess Durga. Do you know why do we celebrate Navratri and Durga Puja? Navratri is a very special Hindu festival in which nine different form of Goddess Durga is worshipped on each day. And the fruits of meditation come manifold. Why We Celebrate Navratri ? Reason why we celebrate “Vijayadashami” (DUSSEHRA) By Seo Vinay Kumar. It often ends with the Dussehra (also called Vijayadashami) celebration on the 10th day. Then you must undergo the below section of this article. When Navratri … Navratri is one of the most significant festivals of the Hindus celebrated all across the world. Apart from this, Navratri is celebrated for lights, decorations, ancient rituals, dancing and many more. The festival is celebrated all over the country with joy and fervour. This is how North Indians celebrate the victory of good over evil forces on the 'Vijaya Dashami' day. You meditate daily, you say; sometimes even twice. 177 Words […] A powerful period for any spiritual practice or sadhana. In Indian month – Ashwin Shukla pakhya it is consider as Aswin Navratri which is celebrated not only in India but across the world. The celebration of Navratri in India is a glorious ceremonial phenomenon, it is a ten-day-long event, out of which nine days mark the celebration and chanting of the name of Gods while on the tenth day is … Navratri, in Hinduism, major festival held in honor of the divine feminine. Navratri occurs over 9 days during the month of Ashvin, or Ashvina (in the Gregorian calendar, usually September-October). When Navratri is celebrated, Nature rests and rejuvenates, So must we. Want to know Why the battle between Goddess and Demon took place and why we celebrate Vijayadashami after Navratri? Each day holds its own significance and it is believed by the devotees that performing different pujas and mantra offers them with happiness and prosperity. Navratri 2020 is around the corner.
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