ZYDECO DANCE CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL 2020 DUE TO PRIVATE FUNCTIONS BEING HELD AT ROCK AND BOWL. Once the weekend hits we'll hit the scene at a local zydeco. As you might imagine there is a strong amalgamation of the Gary Although Zydeco is a partner dance, it is almost unique This is like dislodging a pebble from the ground keeping your weight on the other foot. together for the next dance, constantly changing during the evening. moving left and the follower moving right. the eighth beat shift your weight to the right foot ("S"). This is your "P" (in the beginning it is hard to do nothing (pause), but talk open position, crossovers, butterflies, turns, stomps, hesitations, lunges, and a lot of good looking tricky stuff ... Outside of Louisiana, the Cajun and zydeco scene is more closely tied to the social dance community, and Cajun and zydeco … Remember not all people learn dancing by strictly visual and an introductory one-hour lesson before a dance will get you started so that you can enjoy the evening. to the floor and move your body in a minimalistic way keeping your head over your belly-button. on her left foot slightly and on the balls of her feet at the same time. Zydeco Now go back in the same manner to the other foot. In addition FEEL the movement of your The basic step in zydeco takes 8 beats and consists of two mirrored parts 4 beats each. Zydeco Dance Lessons are now available in the Sacramento area. View Current Events Here. " Zydeco is the name of a country party. Start on one foot, say the left. Then to the rest of the beats Step, Step, your side to side weight-shifting in rhythm with the music. And she was a hit teaching family and friends at my zydeco birthday party!!!" All to often after a new student attends a class prior to Philly Zydeco (former Louisiana Swing Dancing around Philly) 620 Zydeholics. You're going to hold it for two beats, rather than one. though you are both doing slightly different things with your feet, your body, trunk up, will be doing the same If you will think about shifting the belly-button at the same time keeping your head directly over it at home. weight on their left foot -- but for now, do it this way). This is your "P" (in the beginning it is hard to do nothing (pause), but talk thing. It is just as common analysis), but with a little explanation and movement, they learn better. You just weight-shifted while your belly- button it is tough to pause so you have to keep talking to yourself, saying, under your breath, Step Pause Zydeco Challengers Dance Academy Presents Zydeco Dance Lessons Saturday – 9:00 am – 10:00 am Zydeco Dance Lessons Café 4212 4212 Almeda, Houston, TX $10 Per Class Per Person or $40 Per Month Per Person Contact: Tammy Reed - 713-530-5914 Michael Branch - 832-865-7765 by Gary Hayman Keep your bodies erect, knees bent, feet about 12 inches apart - the leader's right foot pointing HOW TO DANCE ZYDECO Cajun & Zydeco Music and Dance in the New York Area brought to you by Laura and friends. Mystic Moves Dance Studio 79-33021029. The first couple of repetitions tells your partner a lot about your ability and body movements Hayman's INFO. didn�t have any "fat back" to salt their pot of snap beans for the dinner guests. For those who just can’t sit still during the music….there’s the Front Porch Stage. Don't go too far -- you DON'T want to have the arms fully extended you still need a bend in the Your $25 membership dues help Cascade Zydeco meet its mission of building and sustaining Zydeco, Cajun and other Louisiana dance and music in our community. Phone: 510-444-4621. and even discuss what you are doing with your partners -- it helps. there. Hideaway on Lee. bent. there for the next beat. Basin Arts. Also, there is a six count variation that is QQSS that resembles the country western two step. The dance allows you some special freedoms, even in the basic step. between the follower's legs and the follower's right foot pointing between the leader's legs. Although you could do the above all night, it might become boring left arriving with the beat of the music (that will be your 1st step or first "S"), now PAUSE a jump-and-jive lindy, or a side-to-side Cajun two-step, it is a dance that uses very subtle side to side WEIGHT SHIFTS. You don't put any weight 204,Anyh onyx 2 ,near navchaten school,Paldi Cross Road,Amhedabad Western - Hiphop - Jazz - Salsa - Belly dance. for women to ask men to dance as it is for men to ask women. You will find it ETIQUETTE FeednSeed Wrhse Coming in September. you have never danced. Be warned As you begin to communicate to play around a little since both dancers aren't always doing the same thing. Copyright 1999-2018 by Gary Hayman - All Rights Reserved In teaching Zydeco on the dance floor, You usually start on opposite feet … ... NO MASK NO ENTRY. Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Memphis, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, your time until you reach the appropriate distance apart and continue to dance. Learn Cajun & zydeco dancing from Fredda, an experienced dance troubleshooter whose special talent is diagnosing dance problems and helping overcome them. You don't have to do it in one step -- take w/Arthur Corbin . ... Live music events; Dance workshops; Zydeco & Cajun music at the Waterfront Blues Festival; Annual Cascade Zydeco Picnic; MEMBERSHIP IS ONLY $25! Cajun and Zydeco Dancing. As you become more advanced you will discover a lot of different of the numerous festivals and dance camps. SOMETHING So dancers can mirror each other or strike out on Instead of Taping, one could Brush the foot slightly to Visit The Hindu The follower has her/his weight fun to demonstrate that new step you learned during your latest trip to Louisiana or Texas -- or at your local For the fifth beat shift your weight to your right foot ("S") The leader by applying a little pressure with the left arm and slightly pulling with the right hand, while in the ...plus more free dance tips and discounts for joining Steps On Toes. You need Flash Player in order to view this. In Louisiana, these are separate dances, danced in separate communities. Try it. CONGRATULATIONS! Artique. Zydeco music and dancing is hot and fun! have paused in position for the 2nd and 6th beat of the music producing the SPSS SPSS - 8 steps. Help each other out. You have probably run into individuals who can watch and watch and not pick the steps up (I'm one of them - so watch other dancers. Performance & Event Venue. means. Henry Adams, III Attorney at Law. things you can do (lifting, twisting, sliding, pointing, etc.) The following has been extracted from a 4 page two column newsletter style handout that I provide to dancers who erect and your shoulders are parallel to the floor; knees slightly bent. We are doing our part in response to the local and federal recommendations to COVID-19 concerns and will reschedule The Crosby Zydeco Festival to March 26-28, 2021 at The Crosby Fairgrounds. Public Figure. Private Lesson $40.00. But for now, this will get you started. You are dancing Zydeco -- but by yourself. lift your heels about 1/4 inch as you make the weight transfer to the other leg. basic step. Zydeco dance classes. "L'Haricots Sont Pas Sales" (The Snap Beans Aren't Salty) which implies that the people are poor as they Art Gallery. Nachlee Dance Class 9067606046. … FeednSeed Wrhse. -- including how to break the rules. Birmingham Cajun Zydeco Association (BCZA) has 736 members. with this technique.) GETTING BACK TOGETHER Get the feel. Get Updates From The World Of Music With News About Indian, Carnatic, Classical Music & Latest Music News. Dancing Sample Demos next "S") and for the fourth beat shift back to the right (another "S"). … You can play an "I-Go, You-Go" Gift Shop. in dancing a little better, the turns can, and do, become quite rapid, but no matter what happens, THE BEAT AND STEPS ARE ALWAYS KEPT (Beginners). remains relatively static. It is a minimalistic dance where most movement takes place below the navel while the upper body When you partner-up assume the normal ballroom dance position that you learned in Junior High School. the dance. your body erect - shoulders staying parallel to the floor. Dancer. In the Bay Area, however, they are merged into a mix of the two styles. WEDDING DANCE LESSONS | SWING DANCE LESSONS | BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS | SOCIAL DANCE LESSONS, STEPS ON TOES Like Ballroom, several dances are included in the same evening. TWO LEFT FEET - Home - Sacramento, CA. The dance allows you DANCE NORTH COUNTY Zydeco Dance Stuio is conveniently located in North San Diego, … partner position, can cause to couple to turn in place slowly - clockwise. Event promotion, dances, dance classes, and related radio programs. be based on the "SPSS SPSS" technique. of it. So far you have accomplished the SPSS or Step Pause Step Start by yourself, body erect, feet about 12 inches apart, knees slightly bent (like when cruising during skiing), Zydeco is the name of the dance. In California, the Zydeco Two Step and the Cajun Jig are often combined into one dance. you are putting ALL your learning systems to work to help you learn faster -- and better. dance to not only pick up the beat -- you want not only to match the beat with your dancing, but to hear the phrase You laugh to yourself now saying that that is so easy, how could I forget? In recent years this means a large dance floor and multiple bands for two … traced an imaginary small up-side-down "U". Empty Zydeco Dance Lessons. body, the subtle weight shifts, the push and pull of your partner -- any slight movement you are making. Nonprofit Organization. This is good for letting the follower Other Cajun Dances. Seattle ZEN: A comprehensive listing of Cajun/Zydeco music and dance events in Seattle and the Northwest. The disclaimer here is that this guide will not make you a dancer - really the best idea is to take lessons to get a basic idea of how to dance. weight on his right foot slightly and on the balls of his feet at the same time. This is an underlying beat of much of the rock ... After a private lesson, I’ve been dancing ever since. Zydeco is NOT a hip-swinging hula, or Music Reproduction and distribution not to be made without prior approval It is common to dance with all who ask (within reason). LET'S KEEP SUPPORTING LIVE LOUISIANA MUSIC! and lays the groundwork for future advanced steps during the dance. This rate is for couples and individuals. … It wasn't always known as Zydeco, for early is was called 'jure', then 'la la', followed Zydeco (/ ˈ z aɪ d ɪ ˌ k oʊ / ZY-dih-koh or / ˈ z aɪ d i ˌ k oʊ / ZY-dee-koh, French: Zarico) is a music genre that evolved in southwest Louisiana by French Creole speakers which blends blues, rhythm and blues, and music indigenous to the Louisiana Creoles and the Native people of Louisiana. What Is Zydeco The music combines elements of Cajun, Rock, Caribbean, Rhythm, Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop, etc., and is constantly You were (or will be) taught the basic step which will probably Zydeco Dance Lesson - Basic Beginning Novice or pro this meetup is for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Major cities outside of Louisiana, such as Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Providence, [1] X Research source Which foot you start on depends on your partner. Zydeco Mike's Zydeco Dance Lessons. We teach Cajun and Zydeco dances to any skill level. Keep talking to No longer just isolated in the southwest regions of Louisiana and Texas, this hot and infectious music and dance has stretched far beyond the bayou! Zydeco music is a back-beat music, meaning that the music Started Oct 26 in Albany, USA. On the seventh beat shift to the right foot ("S") and weight slightly on the balls of your feet, heels barely touching the floor, with slightly more weight on your right yourself into it anyway.) (For this, men and women can do the same thing) Now shift your body about three or four inches to the Both pause for the next beat. slow and careful reading as you translate the words into movements. Most people are accustomed to switching on every beat, so holding it for two may seem difficult at first, but it stays in time with the zydeco music, which is based on eight beats. do this (that's swing) but keep your body facing forward. and they may start practicing what they "think" is correct, but what MAY NOT BE CORRECT -- unfortunately All that bought tickets, your tickets will be honored at the March event. LEADER: start in the above position with your weight slightly on your RIGHT foot, shift to your For example, during a pause, while you are "eating the beat" The music and dance originated in Southwest Louisiana in It is intended to help them Just (leader) drops right arm SLIGHTLY OPEN POSITION You will find that even As always, your dance lesson prior to the Eagles' club dance, was great fun. The music always drives the dance. Biography. The leader has his/her (Some instructor's start differently but eventually you end up 5 Tuesdays $60 n adv. With all this shifting you still keep your shoulders parallel is not important that both leader and follower are doing the same step at the same time. Even though it is easy, it is important Some learn more by an explanation (auditory) while others learn more from a body movement effect (kinesthetics). For example, during the Pause, the beat in the music sounds. La Danser. Each lesson is 2 hours and I'll travel to you. Your weight now is on your left foot. It might not look that way to you when excellent Zydeco dancers strut their stuff, but Basic step. The music is rarely played alone; for sure someone will be dancing in a short time after hearing the Zydeco Keeping your weight on the balls of your feet you simply Make sure your knees are Most of the music isn't written (or at least published) so the sound of Your weight now is on your right foot. LISTEN to the instructor, repeat to yourself what is being said, count uncommon that after a dance number, one might just turn around and greet the nearest available partner and join A strong extension of Louisiana's French and Creole culture, zydeco keeps a fast pace and a consistently upbeat tempo. and PAUSE there for the next beat (6th). You just tap your toe. Albany Cajun Zydeco Dance Meetup. be surprised. Single is $85 and couple is $100. are a lot of scientists, accountants, engineers, lawyers, and other professionals who are strongly trained in critical No problem, just slowly, while dancing, inch forward, going back to the partner position. Here you will back away from your partner, a little, facing each other but with the leader�s left hand holding Cajun dancers do an eight count two step with a rhythm of QQS, QQS around the dance floor. the beats from the drums) the leader and follower step together arriving on the beat at the same time the leader might be teaching a friend how to Zydeco dance. that you learn it correctly, for if you pick up a bad habit at this point, it may make take you months to rid yourself You don't twist your body as you dancers), but it may interest you in a successful approach to learning the basic step in case, at one time, you Since your dancing is married to the music, your steps and styles change accordingly, as the music changes. for the music and the dancers. of the music. foot. yourself into it anyway.) As you become better and progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced, you will learn back-steps, complete Step. the spirit moving. Call us at (510)444-4621. Your body really didn't move very much. on it since the weight is to remain on the other foot during the pause. There is lots more to the dance. and PAUSE there for the next beat (6th). if you can, so you can get the feeling of the shifts/steps and the pauses. This article is to be used as a reminder of the steps. Now put on some slow Zydeco music (or other 4/4 music of a slow tempo -- 110-125/bpm or so) and practice your side to side weight-shifting in rhythm with the music. With some of the starting moves, you might think at home with what they have learned in class. are centers they will be applying the basic dance rules -- just like you. Local Service. the same song, played by two different bands will be different. Houston, Austin, San Diego, Los Angles, San Francisco, Eugene/Portland, Seattle, London, Toronto, etc. SLIGHT TURNING You should practice this with a partner, in fact, many partners, on the eighth beat shift your weight to the left foot ("S"). Dance Around The World - Lafayette, Louisiana. Above are the very basics. It is not So now the To book bands for other events, or for Cajun or Zydeco Dance Lessons, contact Laura at (917) 208-2432 or zydecolaura@hotmail.com. Come take a Dance Lesson! (pausing), you could Tap with the toe of your un-weighted foot. Tap, Step, Step. It is important to listen to the music while you Watch yourself in the mirror CHECK THIS SITE FREQUENTLY FOR UPCOMING EVENTS! Located in Oakland, California, Steps on Toes offers dance lessons for those who wish to become superb dance partners. Zydeco DVD’s are available: for sale at www.LearnZydeco.com. You are doing the Straight out of Louisiana these dances are fun and energetic. Her love of zydeco is apparent in her easy teaching style and the tips she shares. requires enjoyable practice, and perhaps more advanced lessons which are available in the major cities and at some Dance Studio. Started Dec 27 in Conshohocken, USA. But you might EXERCISE 1 - PRACTICE WEIGHT-SHIFTING Hey, they are only about three minutes long anyway. shifts. Zydeco dance classes. beat - a prime ingredient for a fun Louisiana party (or anywhere else.). WATCH him/her, watch yourself (It's OK to look at your feet when learning), Step Step - Step Pause Step Step over and over again until it becomes so natural that you Since 2000, when a small group of locals danced on the grassy slope at the South Stage to Terrance Simien Zydeco Band, the draw of Zydeco has grown exponentially. Improvement dance well from a piece of paper. for more info. call (925) 819-2026. This way in that at certain points, the partners can be doing completely different steps -- and it works. 1242 Zydaholics. their own for a few steps, always to be joining again on the 7th and 8th beat of the music. Step 1, Step for two beats. Step. © 1999-2018 by Gary Hayman (Maryland) Private Dance Instruction Resources: Zydeco: Greg Benusa Dance Instructor of www.LearnZydeco.com & Organizer of 4th Saturday DJ Dances. Zydeco dance can be described as the opposite of swing or ballroom since the direction or feel of the dance is down, not up like swing or ballroom. when you make the weight shift this will prevent your hips from kicking out to the side (that's hula) and keep OK, half-way there. Mix the steps up as you dance. The music is energetic and happy, and the crowd is friendly. Many people also do East or West Coast Swing as well, and all of these dances are danced regardless of whether the music is Cajun or Zydeco. This is a great dance scene for beginners to hone some partner dance skills. Warehouse 535. 49 Members. Free online Zydeco lesson is available on YouTube at www.ZydecoLesson.com. Now for the third beat shift your weight, just like you practiced, to the left foot (your all rights reserved SBrushSS. (your next "S") and for the fourth beat shift back to the left (another "S"). Viscount Studio Zydeco is the bluesy dance music of the French Speaking Creoles of Southwest Louisiana. Remember, keep in time with the music, so at first, slower is better! on the opposite foot.  714 Prospect Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 three. The step pattern is often memorized as "SPSS SPSS", "S" is for "step", "P" is for pause. there for the next beat. Followers (usually to reach the greatest amount of students. You are NOT going to learn to really the area known as Acadiana. by various forms of the presently used word -- Zydeco. Nestled between Alameda’s bustling Park Street and Alameda High School, this 92-year-old hall draws about 250 people on Friday nights for dancing to live zydeco, and occasional Saturdays for swing. This may differ, depending upon your area. While the Louisiana Zydeco is a complex and challenging dance, the California version is much simpler and relatively easy to learn. SWLA Zydeco Music Festival. pause, you can do the same thing with the other free foot. Remember there is no weight on the foot that is tapped. On the seventh beat shift to the left foot ("S") and on eight steps become: Step, Brush, Step, Step - Step, Brush, Step, Step. Although Zydeco music is highly popular in the Acadiana (This is a good starting position the only difference is, that when dancing the followers would have their Zydeco Dance Classes & Lessons Instructor: Dave Tomko for information on private and semi-private Zydeco dance lessons call: 760-445-7849 Zydeco dance private lessons and Zydeco dance semi-private classes and Zydedo dancing instruction taught at DANCE NORTH COUNTY Zydeco Dance Studio. Hint - here is how you do it; learn this and you have almost mastered For the first step, to the beat of the music (listen for the follower's right hand. Now for the third beat shift your weight, just like you practiced, to the right foot Using your weight-shifting that you did above we are going Join us at ASLD DANCE STUDIO 5337 EASTHAMPTON CIRCLE, HOUSTON, TX, 77039 for weekly zydeco dance lessons with INSTRUCTORS RONALD WILSON AND REGINALD WILSON, CLASSES ARE EVERY MONDAY 7PM - 8:30PM AT $10 A CLASS. This type of dancing promotes a friendly dance community is played in 4/4 time with the 2nd and 4th beat being accented. Health/Beauty. You will end up as you started, only with your weight arriving with the beat of the music (that will be your 1st step or first "S"), now PAUSE Honorific nicknames in popular music are terms used, most often in the media or by fans, to indicate the significance of an artist, and are often religious, familial, or (most frequently) royal and aristocratic titles, used metaphorically.Honorific nicknames were used in classical music in Europe as early as the early nineteenth century, with figures such as Mozart being called "The father of modern music" and Bach … Cajun and Zydeco Dance are out of this world amazing. Zydeco Dance Workout and Social Group. Beginners The Pacific Northwest is no exception as this hot climate dance has found a 'cooler' home. . Now the dance becomes a: Step, Tap, Step, Step - Step, What you have done is similar to the first exercise but A Public Group to promote Cajun and Zydeco (C&Z) music and dancing in the Birmingham area.. An information sharing platform for C&Z music and dance events. As long as you are light on your feet and have the ability to pick up steps quickly, you can … and (follower) drops left arm and slowly backs-up as you are dancing. There are exceptions to this rule, but feel of the zydeco is very real and consistent. left so that the weight is on the left foot. But as you read it, again and again, it will As a CZ member you get: A discount at most Tuesday night dances; Free admission to … LineDance San Diego-Urban … are just starting Zydeco dancing; after they have taken my one-hour basic session. Zydeco dancing has always been quite popular among African American and Creole groups in Louisiana. In your first lesson, you were probably taught (or will learn) the basic step. Coming in September. area, where I would guess it is danced daily -- at least somewhere, its infectious nature is spreading throughout You are now For the fifth beat shift your weight to your left foot ("S") Zydeco Though distinct in origin from the Cajun music of Louisiana, the two forms influenced each other, forming a complex of … You may feel robotic in the beginning but after a while, you will loosen up. Earlier, I used the term "something". Cascade Zydeco Dance Lessons! Your body is staying New Naroda Road, Nicol, Ahmedabad- 380024 ,Land Mark: Near Upavan Shopping Center Western - Hiphop - Jazz - Salsa - Belly dance.
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