Small, but fast Carcharhinus Melanopterus, or Blacktip Reef, is the smallest of all sharks only getting to about 5 or 6 feet. Has been implicated in attacks on bathers. Blacktip sharks are viviparous, meaning that the young develop inside them, and they have live birth rather than laying eggs. Blacktip Shark Characteristics. The maximum recorded weight for a Blacktip was 271 pounds. The dorsal fin of the Blacktip is tall, and the pectoral fins are long and pointed. Atlantic blacktip sharks can be found year-round in the Gulf of Mexico and are common from Virginia through Florida. Where They Live. This good looking shark gets its name from the pointed snout and black tips on its fins (especially its dorsal fin). The Blacktip shark is a large, stout shark which is grey in colour and normally has black-tipped fins. Blacktip Reef sharks do not venture into tropical lakes and rivers far from the ocean. Black tip shark is named after black tip of the dorsal fin that can be seen when shark swims near the surface of the water. It is also recreationally targeted and caught on light tackle as it often leaps out of the water when hooked. A reduction in their number is suspected due to the current levels of exploitation. The blacktip is one of the most commonly collected sharks in the commercial fishery and considered a valuable commercial species with marketable flesh, hide, fins, and liver. On most individuals, the tips and edges of the fins are black. Males reach sexual maturity between 1.35- 1.80 m, or 4-5 years, females at 1.20- 1.90 m, or 6-7 years. The pups are self-sufficient, and will grow up in the safety of shallow-water nurseries learning to hunt prey. It’s curious about divers in its territory, but it’s also wary and may be easily frightened. Black tip sharks have blunt snout and almond shaped eyes. It is considered endangered due to increased risks in similar species. State Record: 152 lbs. This species of shark can be found in tropical waters of Pacific and Indian oceans and Mediterranean Sea. It can be found in estuaries and brackish water occasionally. Bad Tankmates/ Potentially Harmful to your Shark: Black tip shark usually lives near the coral reefs and in the shallow, coastal water. Blacktip sharks eat bony fishes, smaller sharks, squids, stingrays, shrimp, and crabs. They often follow fishing boats and are sometimes seen consuming discarded fish. Tank Mates. Blacktip Shark Habitat and Behavior They will give birth to between four and seven shark pups. The Blacktip Shark is a large shark, native to the continental and insular shelves of tropical and warm temperate seas around the world. Sharks for Experts & Very Large Systems * We do not sell each and every shark listed below, these are just a few suggestions. - Zebra Shark - Nurse Shark - Leopard Shark - Blacktip Reef Shark - Lemon Shark - Whitetip Reef Shark - Bonnethead Shark . This shark hunts the abundant fishes that live on the reefs. Blacktip sharks are viviparous, meaning they give birth to live, free-swimming young and nourish them during gestation with a placental sac. Between 2006 and 2014, researchers tagged 1,300 blacktip reef sharks at Palmyra and fitted them with numbered ID tags. These sharks usually grow to around 5 feet long, although the longest known specimen was 9 feet long. The blacktip isn’t as menacing as it may seem. Smoothtooth Blacktip Sharks are similar to Spottail Shark from Australia and hence it is estimated to live for 8.25 years of age. The Blacktip shark is a large, stout shark which is grey in colour and normally has black-tipped fins. The blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) is a species of requiem shark, in the family Carcharhinidae, which can be easily identified by the prominent black tips on its fins (especially on the first dorsal fin and its caudal fin).Among the most abundant sharks inhabiting the tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, this species prefers shallow, inshore waters. The results of large-scale research efforts like this will help guide shark conservation efforts. Blacktip Reef sharks are a species of shark that likes to live beneath the reef in the water.
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