Shortening the trees that grow near a home; Preventing a tall tree from coming down in a wind storm; We should be very clear: topping is not a viable method of height reduction and does not reduce the hazards of a tall tree. ?~��x�'��ƻ>>ޕgչ�����:���U�u�ɗj�����}�hKZ���X��� ������O�_ߝc��Yh�d���N�����hƮ��F4t{W��&�����r�l��vD����l��Sm>�tD�Ѹ�P������4"��[p��YL��¾W���c2.���h��g�uD��j=�SZ�[�SZ��:�;�^*/ ���0� _Wzܘ�X��;:G�+^O��2�b���tʵXL�h���� X�p=4A"ž��DU36?ь���Q���^XK��I�3�� ����S�~)��~�]�aG�hZ�_�c-9#�P`x *�� �����)��ѵs�)��@��^����R�؜�U���|����S�-�+�^��5Iı'(�82ǭ#s�y�����Xp�2В��.���Հ#�2�Z�����Az��yZq�xx�B�ryq��œZw�7�Yf���C�۫�6���,�%����H:! 0000226149 00000 n 0000237579 00000 n The natural branching structure of a tree is a biological wonder. And, because tree topping is considered to be an unacceptable method of pruning, you may be liable in a court of law if the tree causes damage to another person or property. How Tree Topping Hurts Trees. Topping can remove 50 to 100 percent of a tree’s leaf-bearing crown. 0000226478 00000 n The summer is fast approaching, all of our sleepy trees are finally waking up and breathing life into 2014. The shorter limbs are more prone to decay, insects, and disease. The remaining shortened limbs provide easy access to decay, insects and disease. If a larger limb must be shortened, it should be pruned back to a lateral branch that is large enough to assume the terminal role. Why Topping Hurts Trees Learn why topping is not an acceptable pruning technique and discover recommended alternatives. 0000225510 00000 n Learn from Friends of Trees' resident expert, Dr. Tree, why trees should not be topped. These shoots develop from buds near the surface of the old branches. Tree topping hurts trees in four, major ways. 0000093416 00000 n 0000001999 00000 n Though there is one infamous pruning shortcut that holds trees back from a healthy start—tree topping. These weak attachments will never have the structural integrity of the original branch and can break off easily, even years later when they are large and heavy. Other Names for tree topping are as follows: stubbing, heading, heading-back, stubbing off, tipping, hatracking, topping off, dehorning, lopping, or roundover. startxref 0000002323 00000 n Like human beings, if you took our shade away and left us exposed directly to the sun, trees are also susceptible to sun damage. 0000025647 00000 n The leaves of the trees shade and absorb sunlight. 0000225837 00000 n 0000117608 00000 n 0000002931 00000 n Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches or stubs to lateral branches that are not large enough to assume the terminal role. 0000003197 00000 n IT'S DANGEROUS. Besides reducing the tree's energy-producing capacity, it also triggers regrowth of unattractive and vertical branches, which will also disfigure the tree permanently with ugly water sprouts and branches. Healthy, well-maintained trees can add 10-20% to your property value. The subject of ‘topping’ trees is especially controversial along community right-of-ways. 0000229685 00000 n �y��u{3��~�']`Q%3�o�����!qh]�Z2R��I (�d�p�[�d��� �Q�O��h g>'du{M�x�#K�B�&Td֫��1�p�F'��^���p�"4�%�7�y�M�|�ޯ�@%jH�p�f�С(a 2W}�U�s��m�@��u���>^-q@A*�r������ �6�Gn�4���¶,��Բ��̬�m'X��^���3��c��$���m�5�Wt�K��6)���Mlv�+m4F�� �s�^��I����b�����JT�e�FZ�r�o� 0000204495 00000 n Topping … The Bad Practice of Topping For more than 25 years, we have known that topping trees is one of the most harmful techniques you can do. Topping can remove 50 to 100 percent of a tree’s leaf-bearing crown.  Leaves are the food factories of a tree. 0000248572 00000 n Topping is a detrimental pruning practice performed on trees, but even after 25 years of literature and seminars speaking out against it, topping remains a common practice. 0000002176 00000 n While the initial removal of tree branches through topping is often less expensive than proper pruning, the long-term costs far outweigh the supposed savings. 0000003128 00000 n 0000121610 00000 n Topping Does Not Make Trees Safer The new growth that rapidly ascends from latent buds just below each cut is only anchored in the outermost layers of the parent branch. September 6, 2015 jerryreed Tree Topping 0. 0000119114 00000 n 0000121513 00000 n 0000121756 00000 n 0000175309 00000 n According to Dr. Alex Shigo, world renowned scientist and author on the subject of arboriculture (trees), topping is the most serious injury you can inflict upon your tree. The tree needs to put out a new crop of leaves as soon as possible. 0000248908 00000 n Small branches should be removed back to their point of origin. The reality is lopping trees is more harmful in the long term. Special to The Star. 0000229368 00000 n 0000247441 00000 n When you cut the top of a tree off, you leave behind a weak tree that’s unstable and at risk of decline. 0000237313 00000 n • "It is necessary for the electric company to top trees that grow into the power lines." H��Wˮ���W�2w�DR�� d� �>7����?pIՏ���x���-�,V?=�V6���I۟? Topping a tree is harmful because it typically involves making pruning cuts at improper places along the trunk. Normally a tree will “wall off” or compartmentalize, the decaying tissues, but few trees can defend the multiple severe wounds caused by topping. 0000248329 00000 n 0000121484 00000 n Once they get a healthy cut, they can spring into a new growing season with gusto. It works out best for companies to top trees because it is quick and easy; since the growth will be back in 2-3 years, they have created more work for themselves in the future. 0000226232 00000 n In order to understand the risks that tree topping causes, it is best to understand how to classify the damaging practice. The Tree Keeps Growing – Fast: Topping doesn’t keep trees small. In short, Topping (by any name) is the worst thing to do to the health of a tree. Topping is also known as stubbing, dehorning, heading back, and lopping. 0000118028 00000 n This method of branch reduction helps preserve the natural form of the tree. Unfortunately, the shoots are prone to breaking, especially during windy or icy conditions. Why Does Topping Harm Trees? 0000214596 00000 n Topping, however, is not a viable method of height reduction and certainly does not eliminate future risk. But, disfigured trees that have undergone topping will actually reduce your property value. Some trees will reestablish themselves after many years-but by then they will be the same size as before. 0000000016 00000 n ���ߖS���2��r�J6q8�ʄ��D+Er��0x��[� (��ap�#��<6,Y 0000118462 00000 n Call it heading, stubbing or dehorning, but topping trees is still a bad practice By DENNIS PATTON. Yet, despite more than 25 years of literature and seminars explaining its harmful effects, topping remains a common practice. But ultimately, topping will make a tree more hazardous in the long term. Many topped trees are considered a total loss. A homeowner may feel that a tree has become too large for his or her property, or that tall trees may pose an unacceptable risk. HOWEVER, ‘topping’ IS NOT a recommended practice for any tree, regardless of species or size. There is a commonly held, but largely unfounded fear, that “the tree is too tall”. Other common names for the practice include hat-racking, heading, rounding over, and tipping.Some species of trees are more likely to recover from topping than others. 0000003438 00000 n 0000248426 00000 n The exposed wood tissues begin to decay. endstream endobj 193 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[24 105]/Length 26/Size 129/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 129 0 obj <> endobj In this video, I say a bit about why it's bad to top trees.  There are recommended techniques for doing do. If a tree does not have the stored energy reserves to do so, it will be seriously weakened and die. In reality, it is detrimental to the health of the tree and creates problems in the long term. Unlike normal branches that develop in a socket of overlapping wood tissues, these new shoots are anchored only in the outermost layers of the parent branches and are weakly attached. 0000225754 00000 n 0000003274 00000 n Topping, however, is not a viable method of height reduction and certainly does not eliminate future risk. 0000120663 00000 n Tree Topping – 4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Top Trees Topping trees is an overused, crude pruning strategy where the Arborist cuts all the major branches such that blunt ends are left without any secondary branches left to assume the dominance. Tree topping is one of the oldest tree pruning techniques. Topping harms trees because: The severity of the pruning and the removal of all the leaves causes stress to the trees. Add Comment. 0000271411 00000 n 0000230062 00000 n Rot at the severed end of the limb can make a bad situation even worse. Correct pruning cuts are made just below the branch collar at the point of attachment. 0000148224 00000 n 0000247961 00000 n 0000247864 00000 n 0000120122 00000 n <<9747D441B8357D4F88A476906BF718FE>]/Prev 766216/XRefStm 1999>> Firstly, yes - oak trees can be topped. A good trim refreshes trees. 0000121031 00000 n Topping Makes Trees Ugly. 0000003324 00000 n Tree topping is the practice of removing whole tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of trees, leaving stubs or lateral branches that are too small to assume the role of a terminal leader. 0 0000248058 00000 n The survival mechanism that causes a tree to produce multiple shoots below each topping cut comes at great expense to the tree. Other than the bare appearance, tree topping is very unhealthy for a tree. %%EOF The Costs of Topping. Even though most tree care professionals disapprove of topping, it seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. Topping a tree causes immediate injury and will ultimately result in premature death of the tree. trailer What is Topping? Topping destroys the natural form of a tree. 0000225391 00000 n 0000249771 00000 n BS3998:2010 Tree work: recommendations states:. Topping occurs when the vertical stem (leader) and upper primary limbs (scaffold branches) on mature trees are cut back to stubs at uniform height. If a company suggests topping, always get a second opinion. endstream endobj 130 0 obj <>/Metadata 22 0 R/Pages 21 0 R/StructTreeRoot 24 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 131 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 132 0 obj <> endobj 133 0 obj [/DeviceN[/Cyan/Yellow]/DeviceCMYK 166 0 R 168 0 R] endobj 134 0 obj [/DeviceN[/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow]/DeviceCMYK 169 0 R 171 0 R] endobj 135 0 obj [/Indexed/DeviceCMYK 44 172 0 R] endobj 136 0 obj <> endobj 137 0 obj <>stream Topping Stresses Trees. The branch wounds sustained by the tree are slow to heal, making the tree susceptible to fungal decay and … You’re not only removing branches, you’re removing leaves, which takes away a vital food source. Topping a tree is bad because: The tree is too tall. 0000248665 00000 n 0000248762 00000 n Unfortunately, it’s still one of the most common methods to be adopted by amateurs, professionals and large companies. Topping Makes Trees Ugly. 0000093528 00000 n A good arborist will almost NEVER suggest topping. 0000118565 00000 n Topping trees is a widespread practice that appears to offer a short term solution to a perceived problem. The natural branching structure of a tree is a biological wonder. How to classify topping trees. Removing them can temporarily starve a tree and trigger various survival mechanisms. Rapid new growth. 0000248204 00000 n Trees form a variety of shapes and growth habits, all with the same goal of presenting their leaves to the sun. Topping is often used to reduce the size of a tree. xref Thank you for your questions. You remove lots of leaves, which strips away the tree’s food source. The debate in tree pruning has been playing on for long – topping trees is an effective tree pruning method or not. Cuts made along a limb between lateral branches create stubs with wounds that the tree may not be able to close. © 2017 ArborCare, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 0000119754 00000 n Trees are dynamic, continually self-optimizing organisms, i.e. The tree is forced to quickly grow new limbs that are often too weak to handle storms. However, it usually has exactly the opposite effect! 0000073787 00000 n (©2013) Brochures sold in packages of 100. Dormant bugs are activated, forcing the rapid growth of multiple shoots below each cut. New shoots grow quickly, as much as 20 feet in one year. A homeowner may feel that a tree has become too large for his or her property, or that tall trees may pose an unacceptable risk. 129 66 )���� �х�5,m������f��a(`f�����le����S���,�p;�0n`�`�I ,�+:J�^�[`��8NL�����*�4ЎipQq��� ?�� ��?� I didn't go into a whole lot of detail, so I'll probably redo it at a later date. Topping is also referred to as heading, stubbing, or dehorning. 0000053228 00000 n The goal of topping is usually to control the height and spread of a tree. 0000120578 00000 n 0000220359 00000 n Topping will only make a tree more hazardous in the long term! 0000116608 00000 n The following explains why topping trees is a bad idea. The tree is biologically equipped to close such a wound, provided the tree is healthy enough and the wound is not too large. After topping, trees vigorously re-sprout. Arbor Care Tree Specialists: Why Topping Trees is Bad James Young James Young began writing in 1969 as a military journalist combat correspondent in Vietnam. 0000092997 00000 n If seeing is believing, then many people must believe that topping trees is an acceptable pruning practice. But no matter what it's called, it completely disfigures trees by amputating the entire crown. 0000001648 00000 n Some of the major concerns of topping trees include: Lopping/Topping can cause Sunburn. Topping removes the ends of the branches, often leaving ugly stubs. Topping Trees – Good or Bad? A tree’s trunk should usually not be pruned at all; but, if it is imperative that you do so, you must make the cuts just beyond a place called a node. 0000226287 00000 n When you avoid this practice and pursue more appropriate avenues for maintaining your trees, you help your trees reach their full potential — … Why is topping trees bad? 0000247166 00000 n Here are the typical results of tree topping and the associated costs. The decay organisms are given a free path to move down through the branches. Young's articles have been published in "Tai Chi Magazine," "Seattle Post-Intelligencer," Sonar 4 ezine, "Stars & Stripes" and "Fine Woodworking." �M{�/��j��Е!R$���v�)EJ�. • "I wouldn't make the sweeping generalization that all tree topping is bad. 0000117000 00000 n Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice known. All too often we see topped trees and have discovered that people are not aware of the harmful impacts topping has on trees. And, really, a topped tree is not exactly a nice looking tree. While the original goal was to reduce the risk by reducing the height, risk of limb failure is now increased. With all the various sources with conflicting opinions, is topping trees good or bad? Help spread the news about why topping is not an acceptable pruning practice and share recommended alternatives. Since the tree is left with lateral branches and stubs that are still too small to take the role of producing and delivering food throughout the entire tree, topping provides numerous problems to the tree. Other names for topping include “heading,” “tipping,” or “rounding over.”. Trees form a variety of shapes and growth habits, all with the same goal of presenting their leaves to the sun. Topping can be a costly mistake. Topping is not an acceptable pruning method and should rarely or never be used. Locals here whack their weeping willows every few years and those trees seem to relish the opportunity to fill out again." Why topping trees is bad! h�b``d``�������� 0��D8�0,���pՁ0z���K]�/0D,��~�D�k(tt ()���et4�L !��@����"���� Z@��V0����^�! 0000225892 00000 n This article will look at what tree topping is and why tree topping is bad and then provide some sound alternatives to tree topping. 194 0 obj <>stream Sometimes a tree must be reduced in height or spread, such as for prevailing utility clearance. %PDF-1.4 %���� Sometimes the best solution is to remove the tree and replace with a species that is more appropriate for the site. h�bbf`b``Ń3�E0 0m� Topping removes the ends of the branches, often leaving ugly stubs.
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