The Levellers are an English rock band influenced by punk and traditional English music. Brief history Origin of name. GCSE Modern World History - English Civil War. Michael Mendel edited a similar collection about the Putney Debates in 2001. This was a charge that they vehemently denied, but they adopted the name because it was how they were known to the majority of people. It seems to have emerged in its modern understanding during the early years of the English Revolution (1640 – 1660), when it was used to designate the perceived political aims of the Long Parliament (so called because the Parliament sat from 1640 – 1653, long after it would ordinarily have been disbanded). As ever, the myth is an untroubled version of the history. Nevertheless, this is not to say that Leveller ideas are irrelevant or were consigned to the ‘dustbin of history’. The ‘other’ Gunpowder Plot of January 1657, when Miles Sindercombe, another former Leveller in the pocket of Sexby, sought to burn down Whitehall with Cromwell inside it, is nowhere near as well known as it should be, but shows how desperate some of the Levellers became. They were labelled 'Levellers' by their enemies, who claimed that they were intent on bringing all down to the lowest common level. The Levellers were a political movement during the English Civil War, made up of radicals who challenged Parliament at the end of the First English Civil War.From July 1647 to November 1647, the Levellers proposed radical policies that emphasised popular sovereignty. These concepts can be found reflected in the history of the American Revolutionary War and the government that it spawned. The Levellers's Concert History. the English Revolution, had been about. They were the leaders of 300 men who belonged to the movement known as the Levellers. BIBLIOGRAPHY. A-level - … Both the Levellers and Diggers are of crucial importance to the development of working class history since they stand in the proud tradition of English radicalism and challenge to the ruling orthodoxy. Leaders A detailed account of the Levellers that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts of his life. The recent collection of essays on the Agreement of the People edited by Philip Baker and Elliott Vernon was a substantial contribution to the history of the Levellers. In 1649 Charles was beheaded and the Levellers made demands on Parliament to increase womens rights in Parliament. On 17 May 1649, three soldiers were executed on Oliver Cromwell’s orders in Burford churchyard, Oxfordshire, England. They had decided to fight against Cromwell who they considered was betraying the ideals of what the “Civil War”, i.e. Levellers. They are based in Brighton, England where they … The Levellers formed in 1988, bringing together five Brighton, England, musicians -- Mark Chadwick (vocals, guitar, banjo), Alan Miles (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica), Jeremy Cunningham (bass, bouzouki), Charlie Heather (drums), and Jon Sevink (fiddle). The term leveller has a long history.
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