I suspect a spectrum analyzer and a high quality microphone are also required for optimal tweaking.System consists of:Duntech "Black Knights" - main speakersDef Tech BP2 - surround speakersDIY 2-way with Dynaudio drivers - Center speakerRevel B15 Subwoofer Proceed AVP Preamp/surround processorClasse CA-300 Power amp - MainsClasse CA-200 Power amp - Center (bridged mode)Adcom 5800 Power amp - SurroundsPioneer Elite DV-05 DVD playerPioneer Elite CLD-53 Laserdisc playerToshiba 48" Projection TV (ancient), REL Stadium III, M&K350THX, Sunfire True Sub. I had got used to "boosting" the bass with the HSU's. I ran a pair of balanced interconnects from the outputs of my Bryston BP26 preamplifier to the Rhythm2's inputs, and another pair from the Rhythm2's high-pass outputs to the inputs of a pair of Theta Digital Prometheus monoblocks (review to be published next month). If you can afford a more expensive sub consider 2 or more B15s. With the B15 I do not boost the bass but crank up the volume for movies. Price $$. PREFER THE B15 OVER ANY OF THE REL SUBS THAT I'VE TRIED. I ended up using the crossover on the B15 and the 3 equalizer settings to create 4 bands that were equalized. Great with music or movies. Unfortunately, I do not have the tools yet to properly perform this task (Revel is allegedly still working on their LFO tools set as of this writing). Revel Concerta2 F35 review These fabulous speakers are real entertainers Tested at £1899 / $1600. Learn More; Revel Extreme Climate Landscape Series Award-winning sound in any environment Learn More MartinLogan Dynamo 800X powered subwoofer, JL Audio Fathom f212v2 powered subwoofer & CR-1 crossover, Sumo Samson subwoofer & Delilah crossover, Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature loudspeaker, Analog Corner #304: SAT XD1 record player, Analog Corner #293: VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition turntable & FatBoy tonearm, Electro-Voice Model Two & Model Six loudspeakers, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Fascinating wiev by Verity Audio Sarastro, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. I also have tested the thermal overload circuit and it definitely protects this unit from overhearing. The final selling point was a replay of the Beach scene from "Saving Private Ryan" in DTS. I was hoping that there would be better subwoofer equalizers available so I could use the HSU's and get a flat response, if they are out there I couldn't find them. The Master's Calibration When I played the pod race scene from Star Wars-Episode 1, the roar of the engines was not only heard, but I also felt the pressure wave go through my body 12 feet away. Subwoofer Reviews. The B110 has a 1,000-watt amplifier. The Salon2s' low-frequency room response, when the floorstanders were run full range, showed a small peak at 250Hz, a dip at 125Hz, another peak at 63Hz, and a gentle rise below 40Hz (fig.3). Shares. Revel Ultima Rhythm2 powered subwoofer. This filled the showroom nicely which I believe was at least 50% larger than my own room. The Rhythm2's front baffle was 4' behind the right-channel Salon2, and 9' 2" from my ears when seated. Using three rubber isolation feet (w/o the spikes) has worked well in my environment. carreview.com | If you liked that subwoofer, we have something coming soon that should really interest you. This met the #2 priority, but there remains the LFE output requirement...I next tried various DTS movies with initially-disappointing results. The RTA module is optimized for the range covered by subwoofers, and so is most accurate in the range of 20Hz–1kHz, above which the mike's response falls off. Listening Using the PEQ, he matched the resulting curves to predetermined target curves (fig.1), then adjusted the subwoofer's room response to better fit the specific target curve (fig.2). Sometimes, when I forget to fully close the cupboard doors tightly, plates actually fall out of the I then set the sub's output level to –19dB, as suggested by the LFO manual. Because, just like systems by the likes of Bose, this set by necessity has to use the weight of a well-tuned subwoofer to give some scale and mass to the whole sound, let alone the deep stuff. Following the quick-start guide, I slid the sub into the room's right front corner, and the Salon2s into the spots usually occupied by my Quad ESL-989s. Audio Reviews, Equipment Reviews, Floorstanding Speaker Reviews, Subwoofer Reviews Published On: February 15, 2006 Revel F12 Speakers and Revel B10 Subwoofer Reviewed I listened to it in their system with top of the line Revel monitors and was impressed, but that was their system. I've reviewed many Revel surround speaker packages over time, but it's been six years since my last Revel review, a system centered on the Performa F208 tower speaker. The subwoofer in the review system is the Revel Performa3 Series B110 subwoofer. The power of two subs in one. And the Revel's three-band parametric equalizer, not reviewed here [but proven very effective in our first review of the unit, in our May 2003 issue—Ed] adds to the appeal of the overall package. And I could not detect any sign of the objectionable boominess I thought I was going to hear. I ONLY USE IT FOR HOME THEATER APPLICATION (I HAVE THE REVEL SALONS)AND IT'S AN AWESOME SUB. The Revel is the first (in my opinion) to bridge the gap.Prior to the Revel, I auditioned REL, Velodyne, M&K, & the B&W ASW4000. shelves. What remain are: a power switch just above the inlet for the AC cord; a three-position turn-on switch (Auto/On/Trigger); a gain dial; right- and left-channel inputs; high-pass outputs (XLR, RCA); a single output for driving other subwoofers; in and out jacks for a 12V trigger; and a USB port. FOR ME, NO NEED TO LOOK ELSEWHERE. The Infinity home theater subs also have equalization if you cannot afford the Revel B15. I started comparisons primarily using Reference Recordings "Pomps and Pipes", track 4 "The Vikings" which has some good low organ music. I was pleased to notice that I would have to address "room rattle" issues which I also noticed in adjacent rooms. improved soundstage).This experiment suggests to me that it will be well worth the effort to try to calibrate the sub for 2-channel mode and perhaps HT mode, (perhaps taking advantage of the parametric equalizers) for optimal integration with the rest of the room and audio system. The 800 Watt RMS (1600 Watt peak) amplifier powers the voice coil to provide ample power for the large diaphragm area and long-excursion capability. The handlers lugged the reinforced cartons into my house, up the short flight of stairs to my listening room, unpacked all three speakers, and placed them in the middle of the room. roadbikereview.com | For Effortless delivery Good sense of timing My personal experience has been most subs are designed either for home theatre or music, but not both. The B110 low-frequency driver uses a 10” coated paper cone with a 50mm two-layer copper voice coil, triple-stacked ceramic 5-magnet assembly, and a vented die-cast aluminum frame.
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