Do you want to convert your garage to a usable workspace with plenty of storage? Whether you need a sports locker for the kids, a work table for dad, or just plan storage, give New Age a look. Regarding the electrical part i manage to find a guy through our nextdoor app that was highly recommended and he added three outlets. Not to mention, you instantly increase the value of your home. Buy Now. If you can fit the pro set go with it. New Age Cabinets provide heavy-duty garage storage constructed to last a lifetime. For the largest i was about to pay 4600 from Home Depot and before i completed my order i noticed lowes had the same set for 3900.... HD matched lowes and gave me free shipping. Bamboo Worktop, designed to fit over two NewAge Bold Series base cabinets and 72 in. Well designed but material is so thin, every item arrives with dents. Newage products pro 3 0 85 25 in h x 156 w 24 d 18 newage pro series wall cabinets review part 1 delivery and assembly garage cleanup and organization part 3 newage cabinets newage products bold series 3 0 132 in w x 77 25 h 18 d. Whats people lookup in … 2 - Also, what does everyone do for electrical? It's your good choice to save money at NewAge Products. You literally mark your studs, drill your guide holes, and screw it in. As for electrical, you could potentially cut out a hole in the back of the cabinet for access to the outlet. Want to compare design features, storage capacity and accessories? Top off your cabinet set, and add a rugged workspace to your garage with the Bold Series 3.0 48 in. NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series Storage Cabinet 12-piece Set 24 Gauge SteelChoose Between 4 Color Options: Red, Gray, Black, or White Item 1040826 NewAge Products Bold … Although the Pro cabinets seem great, and I'm looking for efficient use of space, I'm concerned about them "overpowering" my modest 2 car garage with too much depth and perhaps making my installation more complex with the height situation. I think the main difference is the larger size and the thicker gauge metal on the Pros. Unless something claims that it’s the “best,” I won’t buy it. NewAge Products Bold vs. Highly recommend. For some people, smaller storage systems may fit better in narrower garages, so check you dimensions. Pro 3.0 series can hold about 20% more weight, save about 30% on the lower-priced Bold series, 6 Reasons to Buy a Storage Locker with Wheels…, What’s the Best Rolling Tool Chest? Spend a little more money and get thicker steel walls. Due to the heavy weight of the cabinets, the manufacturer recommends that 2 people perform the install. I know there are dozens of topics about Bold vs. Helpful. Save $590(30%) $1,349.99 $1,939.99 $ 1,349 99 $1,939.99 Bold Series 7 Piece Cabinet Set. NewAge Products Bold Series 186-in W x 76.75-in H Steel Garage Storage System. Cabinets arrive already put together. Designed to make a big statement in garages, workshops, mudrooms and other areas of your home, the Bold Series cabinet system instantly upgrades the … NewAge Products Bold Series 240-in W x 19.5-in H Steel Garage Storage System. For example, the Pro 3.0 series can hold about 20% more weight than the Bold 3.0. Find My Store. NewAge Products Pro 3.0 Series 10 Piece Garage Storage Cabinet Set with Worktop 5205 / 5225 / 5245 Finish: Red Worktop Material: Bamboo Wayfair on sale for $2,302.64 original price $2,549.99 $ … However, you will need to attach the feet or caster wheels, shelves and drawers, rods, hangers and worktop. Conveniently, each base and floor cabinet features side mounting slots that enable each piece to stand flush with the others. Note: Actually, you may get the best deal by going with the NewAge “Bold 3.0” 10-piece set instead of the “Pro 3.0”. The Pro Series Craftsman cabinets are very nice and really solid. Husky Tool Chest Combo with Cabinets – on Wheels! As you can see, the connected infrastructure of this cabinet kit makes this built-in system really secure and stable. Find My Store. H Steel Garage Slatwall Backsplash in Silver: 6-Compartments Small Part Organizer Modular Garage and Hardware Wall Storage Set with Accessories in Silver (26-Piece) PVC Slatwall 16 ft. x 4 ft. Charcoal Pro Bundle Kit (58-Piece) Price $ Your home for pictures of good looking garages and workshops. Packed with features, the Pro 3.0 Series Cabinets make it easy to organize all of your gear, and are available in charcoal gray, deep red … From million dollar garage eye candy to everyday, real, working garages! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That’s a bold statement about mouthpieces, New Age! Took me 30 minutes if that. That said, if you want a heavy duty storage system, go for the Pro 3.0. So, how do they compare? You can go on the newage web site and select one of the pro model cabinets and below the product image near the details tab you'll be able to download the manual that show all of required dimensions. Custom-fit to our Pro Series 3.0 and Performance Plus Series 2.0 cabinet systems, the Slatwall Backsplash spans perfectly across base cabinets, fitting snugly between your worktop and wall cabinets. Furthermore, this 10-piece system allows you to customize your storage to your space and needs. for pricing and availability. W x 22.87 in. Performance Plus 2.0 Series. – from $100-900, Easy Garage Organization – Storage Cabinet with Bins, Sports Lockers for Garage Family Storage – Made Easy. I just went through this process and it isn't easy and you need to do your due diligence because there are several venders; lowes, home depot, newage, Costco, Walmart online....ebay. 1"? Is .5" enough? For example, you can install your wall cabinets against 2 walls instead of 1, or into a corner. The front would be floating, or I would build some kind of base to support the front. For one, the NewAge Cabinets already come with a mountable light valance if you choose to install LED lighting. Costco offers their own 10-piece version of the NewAge Products Pro 3.0 Series. We are closing on our new house soon, so these will go well in the new 4 car garage, and they should be able to store all my new DeWalt tools. Pro 3.0; Bold 3.0; Performance Plus 2.0; Performance 2.0; Tool Storage. May 9, 2013 1,133 Burbank, CA Full Name: Tom #7 360Tom, Jan 20, 2015. I love the Bolds. Whats people lookup in this blog: New Age Garage Cabinets Lowes One person found this helpful. I'm upgrading from an old "Colemen" brand wooden set from Lowes, so I'm sure even the Bold series would be a massive upgrade. In Summary: Although you get about 20% less storage area with less weight capacity, you can save about 30% on the lower-priced Bold series without having to wait for a sale. A 7 piece set from the Bold series of NewAge Cabinets, the NewAge Bold 7 Pc Set- Red with Stainless Steel Worktop is made of high-quality stainless steel and is available starting at $ 1,319.95 only.
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