We have a fantastic range of wisteria plants for your garden. Tender love and care is provided to the young Wisteria, encouraging its growth. Wisteria Shrubs. More on this Wisteria…. There are two types of wisteria that are commonly used for bonsai – Chinese Wisteria, or Wisteria sinensis, and Japanese Wisteria, or Wisteria floribunda. While Japanese Wisteria produces large, long flower clusters, Chinese Wisteria offers beauty in its own right, too. This variety is more commonly known as the Japanese Lilac Wisteria. Cherry blossoms aren’t the only spectacular flowers that bloom in Japan.Wisteria (fuji in Japanese) is a stunning flowering plot that can bloom in purple, white, pink, or blue. There is some controversy surrounding the origin of the name Wisteria (also spelt wistaria or wysteria). An easy way to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese Wisteria is by the direction of their twining vines. Wisteria Pink Ice is slower growing than the Chinese Wisteria, making it ideally suited for smaller gardens. Chinese Wisteria (W. sinensis) twines anti-clockwise, whereas Japanese Wisteria (W. floribunda) twines clockwise. WISTERIA FLORIBUNDA BLUE 100mm Pot. Wisteria Vines should be purchased from a reputable arborist, such as The Tree Center. It requires fertile, moist, free-draining soil and a sunny site. With their perfumed flowers Wisteria are a favourite old fashioned climbing plant or vine that have been popular in Australia for many years. Wisteria Floribunda Macrobotrys. Wisteria floribunda 'Kimono' also known as Japanese Wisteria is a fast growing, non-evergreen climber with light green leaves which turn yellow in autumn.. If you are after a large or mature Wisteria climber, we have Wisteria Floribunda Macrobotrys at 4 metres tall. Wisteria Floribunda Wisteria – Growing and Pruning Wisteria Plants. A stunning climbing plant, wisteria will smother a building, fence or trellis with attractive foliage during the growing season and gorgeous plumes of flowers in the summer.Choose from our wide choice of wisteria at excellent prices. It will climb to 28' and needs support as it does not self-cling. These hardy Japanese climbers have stunning pendulous racemes of long flowers that can grow up to 1m long. Wisteria is in its fullest bloom during the spring and it can be a spectacular sight to see. Wisteria floribunda macrobotrys is a stunning climbing plant bearing extra long pea-like flowers, mauve with dark violet markings and delicate scent that appear just before the leaves in June. How to Buy Wisteria Vines. It features sweetly scented, long, drooping clusters of pretty white pea-like flowers, each of which have a blue eye, often referred to as 'white with blue eyes' in late spring and early summer. Japanese Wisteria Floribunda Blue Wisteria floribunda has long racemes of beautiful sweetly scented blue-violet blooms on vines that twine in a clockwise direction.. Coupled with proper planting and maintenance, a Wisteria Vine from The Tree Center is sure to offer beauty, fragrance, and health to the buyer. The plant is a climber, so it is often trained to climb into unique trellises and arches all throughout Japan.
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