Cool History Bros 774 views. It is known as the Golden Age of Chinese philosophy because various thoughts and ideas were developed and discussed freely. to meet the needs of a large range of readers. From the Hundred Schools of Thought came many of the great classical writings on which Chinese practices were to be based for the next two and onehalf millennia. Societal goals- Mencius. Philosophers refer to Confucius and Mencius, and Xun Zi of Confucian School, Lao Zi of Taoism, and Han Feizi of School of Law. Confucianism. On selected Hundred Schools classics and classic Famous to reflect the advocates of this doctrine and characteristics. The Hundred Schools of Thought is a general abbreviation of various academic and ideological genres and their representative figures. Bol has divided them into roughly four groups. The hundred school of thoughts occurred during the 春秋战国时代。There are a couple of main thinkers as per below. These people, philosophers, made new "religions" to improve human behavior and make sense of the … thanks to wiki people! The Hundred Schools mean different schools of thoughts and ideas. The Hundred Schools of Thought were philosophers and schools that had flourished from 770 to 221 BC, an era of great cultural and intellectual expansion in China. The Mohists - Warriors of Science and Love - Hundred Schools of Thought - Duration: 9:15. Mencius strived for his work, when combined with Confucius's work, to have an effect that would provide traditional Chinese societies with a thorough framework that would control practically every single aspect of life. Some urged a return to the teachings of the sages of old, while others sought better conditions by radical change. The Hundred Schools of Thought ( simplified Chinese: 诸子百家; traditional Chinese: 諸子百家; pinyin: zhūzǐ bǎijiā; Wade–Giles: chu-tzu pai-chia; literally "all philosophers hundred schools") were philosophers and schools that flourished from 770 to 221 BC during the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period (春秋戰國時代/春秋战国时代), an era of great cultural and intellectual expansion in China. PLAY. During the Qin Dynasty, there was the School of the Military, Legalists, School of Vertical and Horizontal, Taoists, Confucianists, and Mohists, creating the Hundred Schools of Thought and a galaxy of talented people. Most blamed Mandate of Heaven, but some saw that the only way to fix the predicament was to change the people who caused it; the commoners. However, after the Han dynasty, the Hundred Schools of Thought were rejected, with Confucianism being favored. Select various writings. one hundred Overview. In education: Dong (Eastern) Zhou (770–256 bce) …China’s intellectual history, when the Hundred Schools of thought vied with one another to expound their views and proposals for attaining a happy social and political order. This phenomenon has been called the Contention of a Hundred Schools of Thought these thoughts and … STUDY. 9:15. the book is trying to select a representative academic genre figures and their representative works. How and Why the Great Wall of China Was Really Built - … Many of the thinkers were itinerant intellectuals who, besides teaching their disciples, were employed as advisers to one or another of the various state rulers on the methods of government, war, and diplomacy. Summary HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Your instructor The Hundred Schools of Thought (Ancient Chinese Philosophies) Introduction The Hundred Schools of Thought or simply the traditional Chinese philosophies refer to schools and philosophers that are remembered for the way they flourished in the historical period between 221 BC and 770BC… 孔子 — 仁。 The Hundred Schools of Thought - The zhou dynasty. So many different philosophies developed during the late Spring and Autumn and early Warring States periods that the era is often known as that … During the Warring States period, those who weren't fighting were thinking "Why oh why oh why?!" 100 schools of thought.
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