The no-compromise folding guitar, as seen on Shark Tank, is road-tested, and the choice for traveling guitarists around the globe! Voyage-Air Travel Guitars are avaliable at The Academy of Sound. Included with the Stow-Away is a protective soft case for easy travel. The downside of the portable guitars is the sound isn’t so rocking as an electric baest. This is where traveler guitars screw the proverbial pooch. Madrid Musical Group USA is raising funds for Cross Guitar 2.0: The Next Generation Foldable Travel Guitar on Kickstarter! $175.00. Bottom line – If you are a traveler looking to shed a few pounds off your electric guitar – this is a kickass option. Our guitars fit in tiny spaces, play with giant sound, and feature a variety of tuning systems, headphone amps, and onboard electronics designed to let you practice, play, or record wherever the road takes you. The built-in tuner is a massive plus and plugging to an amp is really gonna make this bad-boy shine (yes, I did just refer to a ukulele as a “bad-boy”). Voyage Air is the only full-size travel guitar that folds in half – PLUS – it fits in the INCLUDED backpack-style case! Details about Snap Dragon Snapaka Twin - folding travel guitar. Made from carbon fiber, the Journey OF660M is a modern, durable, sexy looking axe. Well… that’s quite true. Everyone else – if you can afford it – the Martin Travel Guitar is literally as good of a travel guitar you can get. Ok, you sexy shredder; let’s do this! This is the reason cross guitar seems impressive, regardless of whether you may take some time to get the correct position. It’s the best sounding travel guitar, it’s got a gorgeous make, and it packs up real nice. If you want a smaller guitar, you are going to have to make some other sacrifices. Get excited because here are some of these best traveling guitars and they are epic! Folding guitar stand just right for your Strobel Rambler Electric Travel Guitar. Something with a bit more shazam for the busker in all of us. In the pursuit of lightness, Traveler Guitar made an instrument that only sounds good when plugged into an amplifier – which can totally work for the right person! No warping, no fear of heat or humidity; this is a huge factor to consider for any traveler guitar. Some guitar companies make one or two travel-friendly guitars. The Cordoba Mini M is a masterpiece of instrumental engineering, and could quite possibly be the best travel guitar ever made! Traveler Guitar shifted into high gear, and by the turn of the century, their line expanded dramatically. Cross Guitar 2.0 Steel-String : Folding/Foldable Acoustic Acoustic/Electric Silent Guitar Regular price $399.00 Sale price $379.00 Default Title - $379.00 USD #7 Consider a Travel-Size Guitar Trust me, on that day. If you travel the world spending a month at a time in AirBnb’s , you won’t be as concerned about the size and weight of the guitar. Whammy those sustains? It’s becoming harder, when flying, to find an airline that will allow guitars to be taken on as hand luggage. But unlike its sibling, Traveler Guitar looked at the Travelcaster as an opportunity to give you a full electric experience while still trimming as much weight as possible. This sweet guitar has gone the distance. Traveler Guitar shifted into high gear, and by the turn of the century, their line expanded dramatically. It would be fairer to say that everyone and their mom knows how to play a C, G, Am, and F chord. This means that while this guitar is not going to feel 100% like a full-sized electric… it’ll come close. Electric Guitar: Polyfoam electric guitar case that is again, lighter but still strong. Related products 4.6 out of 5 stars 12. $175.00. I can now easily transport a guitar anywhere I go in the world, meaning never have to be without a guitar again! …In the hands of someone that actually plays the ukulele. Adjustable center bar makes sure stand is optimized for your Strobel guitar! This means that it’s 25% smaller than a normal-sized acoustic guitar, and many 3/4 guitars are made for kids. The headless tuning system optimizes the compact design. Traveling the world and playing the guitar are my two greatest passions. The breadth of today’s range of travel guitars means there is a guitar to suit most playing styles and genres, so the quick answer is that yes, there is a travel guitar for everyone.
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