Examples of non-flammable in a sentence, how to use it. The flame of love went suddenly out in my bosom; or was extinguished by overwhelming shame. the trick is finding what burns best and what lights it easiest.. Sentences Containing 'combustible' Carbohydrates, whether of the starch group or the sugar group, are composed chiefly of three elements: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; they are therefore combustible, and are great energy producers. 2) there are many of these flame cells to a single nephridium which are specialized in form, and have been termed "solenocytes" (Goodrich). Advanced properties include high resistance to heat and cold, non -. Make a funny sentence for flammability and compounds for Magnesium Here is an example for Mercury, it HAS to for Magnesium “I love to travel but I do corrode aluminum so we won’t be flying off on adventures in airplanes planes anytime soon” rabiasindhu8 is waiting for your help. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. the quality of being easily ignited and burning rapidly. CK 1 25907 Turn the flame down low. The gas phase is tested for flammability with the help of a Bunsen burner flame. Other Words from flammable Synonyms & Antonyms Why Inflammable Is Not the Opposite of Flammable Example Sentences Learn More about flammable. Examples of flammability in a Sentence. The flammability of alcohol - its tendency to burn - is a chemical property. Flame In A Sentence How To Use Flame In A Sentence? CK 1 325501 Sulfur burns with a blue flame. Water hydraulics is paid more attention because of its environmental friendliness and in, 8. But flame retardancy is needed for its low LOI, 7. CM 1 954344 The flame went out. The polymer clay nanocomposite have the unique combination of reduced, 11. Coordinates each kind of flammability tester to use, before using in the fabric burning test, pretreating. Said invention is a low - cost new mosquito - repellent incense base with good. It's difficult to see flammable in a sentence. Huge flames were already licking at the roof of the house when the firemen arrived. sentence examples. : Therefore, a combustible mixture exists in the premixing portion of the injector, and ignition of … Flammable sentence examples. More example sentences ‘Her early research was on the flammability of clothing materials, especially children's sleepwear, and processes for removing farm and garden pesticides from clothing.’ ‘Factors to weigh in making a decision about insulation material include insulative value, cost, flammability, toxicity, durability, … How do you use non-flammability in a sentence? I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but they’re all around you! : The fact of the matter is that gasoline is far more flammable than liquid natural gas. Flammable. That’s right. Sentence with the word flammable. Using in without dusts, causticity gas, flammability gas, oil fog, vapor. Rare words are dimmed. Use “flame” in a sentence The girl screamed when she saw the flames. What are synonyms for non-flammability? For this, one must take a look at stuff like the toxicity and flammability of materials apart from their nature of wear and tear and how they interact with different climate conditions. 16. Many poisonous gases also have other hazardous properties, for example, corrosivity and, 14. Keep scrolling for more. The flammability of a substance is its ability to sustain a fire. The house was in flames. ALL LUEN TAI Non - ignition foam can meet any requirement of international, 10. If the gas ... (a) in the free flame, blue and well defined; the latter corresponding to (d), pale blue and vague. The predominant use of hydrocarbons is as a combustible fuel source. 11. Flammability definition is - ability to support combustion; especially : a high capacity for combustion. Internationally, a variety of test protocols exist to quantify flammability. The flammability limits are important to note, due to easy combustion or making safe mixtures. Click on a word above to view its definition. And Vin Baker and Brent Barry became flammable from the outside. Codes Flammability. 6. : capable of being easily ignited and of burning quickly. Combustible tubes of nicotine potpourri sprayed with cartoonishly awful carcinogens are not. — Use flammable in a sentence. I felt her breath on my face, and it seemed to fan the flame which devoured me. As a result, the excess adhesive failed a, Internationally, a variety of test protocols exist to quantify, As indicated, promotion of propagation or termination reactions alters, Last year, California adopted tough standards for mattress, Fluorocarbon anesthetics reduce the hazard of, She once set a Mickey Mouse doll on fire to show its, _Improper use of an adhesive that did not meet federal, Industry uses several forms of PBDE to decrease the, Piononno and puppets have consistently ignored Wikipedia : Verifiability at Fr鋟lein and. ( Chemical Engineering: Process safety) The flammability of a substance is its ability to sustain a fire . CK 1 1141082 Tom turned down the flame. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Flame" in Example Sentences Page 1. : Ethyl chloride is a rapid-acting general anesthetic that becomes flammable … TOLUENE DIISOCYANATE: Combustible, gives off irritating or toxic fumes in a fire. Sentence example with the word 'combustible' combustible accendible, butane, dope, fireball, fuel additive, hasty, hotheaded, kerosene, oil, peppery, rocket fuel Definition adj. Ammoniacal synthesis procedure has some dangerous characteristics, for example: temperature, press , 13. noun. Sentences are everywhere. What is the definition of non-flammability? Commonly used words are shown in bold. Examples of Flame in a sentence. : Biomass Gasification Technology converts solid fuels into combustible gas mixture called producer gas and four distinct processes happening in the Gasifier. something that is susceptible to igniting or being caught on fire Examples of Combustible in a sentence Paper is a combustible material that you could easily light on fire with a match or a lighter. Examples of flammable in a Sentence avoid wearing loose flammable clothing when using the blowtorch Recent Examples on the Web Remove hazardous and flammable materials, debris and machinery from around the barn’s walkways, entrances and … Using in without dusts, causticity gas, 5. For existing buildings, fire codes focus on maintaining the occupancies as originally intended. Translations of the word FLAMMABILITY from english to russian and examples of the use of "FLAMMABILITY" in a sentence with their translations: Flammability … 4. However, the normal expression is in terms of % of volume at 25 °C at sea level atmospheric pressure. This legislation calls for an alternative flammability standard that can be met without the use of … : They believe the fire might have been started by a spark from a short circuit or spilled flammable liquid carried by a passenger. Yes | No | Report from panfishman wrote 22 weeks 5 days ago cotton burns good, cotton soaked in flammable stuff burns really good, a soda can filled to the very top with gasoline will light a fire that is buried under ten inches of snow. Using place: Using in house without dust, causticity gas, 17. The young boys blew on the smoking wood until flames started to appear. 🔊 What is the meaning of non-flammability? 29. Example Sentences for "flame" The young boys blew on the smoking wood until flames started to appearThe flames of the fire were dancing in the night. Most people chose this as the best definition of flammable: The definition of flammab... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. keep anything flammable at a safe distance from fireworks. (uncountable) The condition of being flammable 2. Flammability limits vary with temperature and pressure. You can see simple sentences with “flame”, compound sentences with the word “flame” and complex sentences with flame below. Definition of flammable. something that is compared to fire’s ability to burn fiercely or be extinguished. Flammability in a sentence 1. 13. Acetate and triacetate are as flammable or slightly less flammable than cotton. And when oxygen gets under nylon, it becomes highly flammable. Also keep in mind that all solvents are flammable and toxic. What does flammability mean? capable of igniting and burning Last update: June 21, 2015 www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "combustible" in a sentence To load a combustible, a cartridge was dropped envelope first into each chamber and seated firmly with the loading lever, the process continuing until all six chambers were loaded. 12. 2. 🔊 Most everything in a forest is combustible, which is what makes forest fires so potentially destructive.
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